Java Integrations

No modern WebApplication uses only one technology. A single software solution just isn’t enough
to address the diverse and complex requirements of most business needs,and it never will be.
Also,because applications frequently need to talk to one another, they must be interconnected in various ways.

Java Integrations
Simple Java Integrations
Java Integrations Jdbc with Oracle in MyEclipse and NetBeans.
Jdbc with DB2 in NetBeans and MyEclipse.
Jdbc with PostgreSQL using MyEclipse and NetBeans.
Jdbc with Mysql in NetBeans and MyEclipse.
How to send email in java ,jsp and servlet.
Send html email in java with cc , bcc , image and attachment .
Example HTML file template for email in java .
How to open pdf iReport from java example.
How to open jasper Report in excel format from java
Java Integrations Connect Oracle with Hibernate 4 in MyEclipse, NetBeans, RAD .
Connect DB2 with Hibernate 4 in MyEclipse,NetBeans,RAD.
Connect MySQL with Hibernate 4 in NetBeans,MyEclipse,RAD.
Connect PostgreSQL with Hibernate 4 in Myeclipse,NetBeans,RAD.
Connect Java to IBM TIM via ITIM API Web Services .
Change IBM TIM user password in java ( ITIM API ) .
Java Web Integrations (Java EE)
Java Integrations Jsp-Servlet example in Eclipse,NetBeans and MyEclipse.
Java Integrations Jsp , Servlet and JDBC login application example in NetBeans.
Java Integrations Jsp,Servlet and JDBC integration example in Eclipse.
Java Integrations Jsp , struts 2 example in eclipse (Struts login application ).
Java Integrations How to create and run a PHP file ( Simple example for PHP ).
Java Integrations How to integrate Jsp , Struts 2 and hibernate 4 ( Login example ).
Java Integrations Steps to compile and execute java code from PHP ( run java in PHP ).
Java Integrations How to integrate Struts 2 and Hibernate 5 (Login example).
Java Integrations How to Connect Liferay 7 to PostgreSQL ( Java Liferay portlet and PostgreSQL integration ).
Java Integrations How to Connect to Oracle from Liferay portlet ( Java Liferay and Oracle integration ).

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