Get or Set Last Modified Date and Time for a File or directory in java

The java class File having the methods to Get or Set Last Modified Date for a file. To do so, create a File (class) object with the file path and call the below methods.

Get or Set Last Modified Date lastModified()  :  This method returns Last Modified Date as a long value(milliseconds).
Get or Set Last Modified Date setLastModified(long)  : This method takes a long argument and returns true if the specified date

and time modified successfully, otherwise it returns false.



long <name>= <FileObjectName>.lastModified();
Boolean <name>=<FileObjectName>.setLastModified(long );

Example Code to Get and Set Last Modified Date:

Execution Result:

Get or Set Last Modified Date In the same way we can  set or get the last modified date and time for a directory.


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