How to create a file from createNewFile method in java

It is easy to create a file from createNewFile method in . This class is providing four constructors. Use any one of the constructor with appropriate arguments to create a File.

Points to remember:
Specify correct path name(location) and file type(ie .txt,.pdf...) at the time of File instantiation.
new File(URI),here URI is system-dependent, hence the transformation performed by this constructor is also system-dependent, pass formatted URI to File constructor
Returns true if the file creation is success, return false when the file is already exists in the specified path or fail to create



Example Code:

Execution Result:

Conclusion :

Catch the URISyntaxException when creating the file with (new File(URI uri)) URI argumented Constructor.
If we given only the file name (ie new File(“newFile.txt”)) rather than path or URI ,the file will create in the current directory.
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