Difference between Set and Map

Both Set and Map are interfaces , Set is a sub interface to Collection interface. Map is an interface which is having key and value pairs . The main differences between Set and Map are given bellow with an example.


set and map Set interface is an unordered collection ,it won’t allow duplicate elements .
set and map It allows null values , not possible to get element (value)  by key .
set and map Set is not a synchronized collection , use Collections.synchronizedSet(new HashSet()) for synchronized set .


set and map Map interface is also an unordered collection ,but it allows duplicate elements.
set and map It allows null values , possible to get the value by its key .
set and map Map is not a synchronized collection , use Collections.synchronizedMap(new HashMap(…)) for synchronized Map


Methods in Set and Map  :

set and map set and map


Set setObject = new HashSet();
setObject.add()//add elements one by one
Map mapObject = new HashMap();
mapObject.put(key,value) //add elements like key,value

Set and Map example  :

Execution Result:


set and map  Set  collection can  traverse by Iterator interface, but Map cannot do it directly, so assign it to Collection.

set and map Use get(key) to get Map element , iterate with entrySet() method .

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