What is Map interface in java

Map interface contains key and value pairs.It  provides three collection views like  set of keys , collection of values , or set of key-value mappings. The order of a Map is defined as the order in which the iterators on the map’s collection views return their elements.


Map interface and its implementations :
Map interface


Map interface Map is an unordered collection , it allows  duplicate and null elements, but not keys .

Map interface Based on key , we can get the value .

Map interface Map is not a synchronized collection , use Collections.synchronizedMap(new HashMap(…)) for synchronized Map.


Methods of Map interface :

Map interface



Map<keyType,valueType> <objectName> = new <Map implemented class><keyType,valueType>();

Example for Map interface :



Map interface entrySet()  returns a Set , which is having  keys and values .

Map interface keySet()  returns a Set , having keys .

Map interface values() returns Collection , having values .

Map interface Some of the Map implementations, prohibited  null elements and key types.

Map interface Attempting to insert an ineligible key or value throws an unchecked exception.

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