What is Set interface in java

Set interface is a sub interface of Collection, under java.util package .It can use to store elements in a non duplicate manner .

Set interface  Set is an unordered collection , so the elements are not in the natural order .

Set interface  It won’t allow duplicate elements , but it allows null elements.

Set interface  We cannot get value by index or key .

Set interface  Set is not a synchronized collection , Use Collections.synchronizedSet(Set set) for synchronized Set .

Set interface and it’s implementations :

Set interface


All methods from Set :

Set interface



Set ‹generic type› ‹object name›= new <Set implemented class object>‹generic type›();

Example for Set interface :

Execution Result :


Few more methods:


Method Name Returns Description
addAll(Collection) boolean To add Collection of all elements .
containsAll(Collection) boolean Returns true ,if all Collection elements are present.
iterator() Iterator To iterate Set
removeAll(Collection) boolean To remove specified collection of elements .
retainAll(Collection) boolean Keeps the elements in Set , that are contained specified Collection
toArray() Object[] Returns Array of  elements .
toArray(T[] t) T[] Returns specified array(ex:String[]) of elements.

Set interface We cannot get identical elements from the Set .
Set interface Some implementations of the Set having restrictions on elements .
Set interface Implemented classes of The Set interface having  additional search features .

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