What is an object in java with an example

Object is an instance of a class.The properties and actions of the objects are written in the class. Properties are represented by  variables and actions of the objects  are represented by methods.

object in java When an object is created using new keyword, the memory is allocated  on ‘heap‘.

object in java The JVM produces a unique reference number for the object , from the memory address of the

…….object. This reference number is called hash code number.


object in java


<Class_Name>  <Object_Name>  =  new  <Class_Name> () ;  //class object

<Array_Type>  <array_name> [] new <Array_Type> [Array_size] //array object

object in java Example to create a class object in java:

object in java Example to create an array object in java:

Output :

object in java A class object can be created by default (without parameters) or parameterized constructors.

object in java If there is no constructor in our class , the JVM will take the default constructor  to create an object.
object in javaThe heap is created when the JVM starts up and may increase or decrease in size while the …….application runs.

object in javaAn another difference between a class and an object , Objects have a lifespan but classes do not.
object in javaEvery object in java must belongs to a class or an array.

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