Connect to the OpenLdap with java JNDI

OpenLDAP is a free software and no additional jar files require to connect to the OpenLdap using java.

Requirements to Connect to the OpenLdap  :

Connect to the OpenLdapSoftware requirement:

……Connect to the OpenLdap OpenLDAP (Download OpenLDAP).

……Connect to the OpenLdap Java  (Download Java).

Connect to the OpenLdapAuthentication requirement :

……Connect to the OpenLdap OpenLDAP  IP and PORT .

……Connect to the OpenLdap Login DN , Password .


Example to connect to the OpenLdap :

Execution Result:

From the above example code :

Connect to the OpenLdap “ldap://localhost:389” is the Ip(ldap://localhost) and port(389) of  the OpenLDAP server.If the

…….server resides remotely ,provide the exact IP (Ex:  and port (Ex:389).
Connect to the OpenLdap Connection type is “simple” ,that means, it will take the plain text as a password .
Connect to the OpenLdapcn=manager,dc=maxcrc,dc=com” is the  distinguished name (It is the default DN).
Connect to the OpenLdap The password is “password“.(That had given at OpenLdap installation).
Connect to the OpenLdap Add all the above values to a HashTable or Properties , pass it to InitialDirContext method.

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