Servlet Tutorials

Servlet is a java based server side web technology to develop dynamic web resource programs
of java web application having capability to generate dynamic web pages.
Servlets is usually designed to process HTTP requests,such as get and post.It is a single instance
and multiple threads principle base server side technology to develop server side components
as web resource programs of web applications.The servlet Tutorials provides you a easy way to  
learn java servlets with an appropriate examples. 
 Servlet Tutorials
Servlet Tutorials Introduction to a Servlet and its Advantages.
Servlet Tutorials Servlet Lifecycle , Servlet Lifecycle Methods.
 How to create a servlet , approaches to create a servlet.
 Difference between servlet doGet and doPost methods.
 How to configure a servlet in web.xml (Deployment Descriptor).
 Create and run a servlet example (Eclipse,GlassFish).
How to get the form data in servlet (form input values).
How to Get Request Parameters in Servlet (get parameter name,value).
How to get the textarea value in Servlet ?
How to get checkbox value in servlet (get one or more checked values).
How to get the Radio Button value in Servlet ?
How to get the Select Box value in Servlet (Combo Box).
How to get List Box values in Servlet (select multiple values)
How to read the init parameter value in servlet ( init-param ).
How to read the context parameters in servlet ( context-parm ).
Jsp and Servlet example in Eclipse.
Use of ServletConfig object in servlet with an example.
Use of ServletContext object in servlet with example.
 Difference between ServletConfig and ServletContext.
How to create RequestDispatcher object ( servlet chaining ).
RequestDispatcher forward method example (servlet chaining).
RequestDispatcher include method example (servlet chaining).
Servlet annotations example (Use annotation in servlet).
Example for sendRedirect (If both the servlets are in same web application).
The sendRedirect (servlets are in different web applications,same server).
The sendRedirect method (If the servlets are in different servers).
Request attributes in servlet with an example ( Attribute scope ).
Session attributes in servlet with an example ( Attribute scope ).
ServletConext Attributes in servlet with an example( Attribute scope ).
 Hidden form field in servlets ( Servlet session tracking ).
 Servlet Cookies ( Servlets session tracking with cookie ).
URL rewriting in servlets ( Servlet session tracking ).
Servlet Filter ( Request and Response filters in servlets ) example.
Jsp,Servlet and JDBC  example in Eclipse.
How to send email in java ,jsp and servlet.
Kill or invalidate session using session id ( concurrent login ).

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