Hidden form field in servlets ( Servlet session tracking )

Hidden form field is a HTML form field.It is an invisible text box and it also included in the request like other fields (Example : text,radio,check…) while submitting the form.


Hidden form field is useful to hide user data from other users in HTTP request and response.It can work for both GET and POST methods of a servlet.

It works for a page that generated dynamically by a form submission.


Hidden form fields in servletsSyntax :

<input type=”hidden” name=”logical_name” value=”string_value”/>


Hidden form fields in servlets Example for hidden form field :

Hidden form fields in servlets Directory structure :

Hidden form fields in servlets



Hidden form fields in servlets index.jsp

Hidden form fields in servlets

Hidden form fields in servlets

Hidden form fields in servlets web.xml

Hidden form fields in servlets Execution result:

Enter URL (http://localhost:8080/HiddenFormApp)  in the browser window’s address bar.Hit enter button.

The sendRedirect

Fill the details and click submit button.The response comes with a question according to your selection.
The sendRedirect

Enter the correct answer and click submit button.The final result page comes like below.
The sendRedirect

create a servletWe can use hidden form field in JSP/HTML forms directly by passing a value to it.

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