Web Services Tutorial

Web services is a distributed technology which allows to develop distributed applications to
interact between two or more incompatible environments.

Big (SOAP) Web Services
What are Java Web Services ( Introduction to Web Services ).
Top down and Bottom up approach ( java web service ).
What is SOAP in Java Web Services (The use of SOAP).
What is WSDL , Use of WSDL in java Web Services.
Simple Java Web Service Example using eclipse,glassfish.
 How to pass input parameters to a Java Web Service.
How to test a Java Web Service using SoapUI.
The wsimport to create web client from WSDL ( JAX-WS ).
Create a java web service from WSDL (Top down approach) in Eclipse.
How to Create a java web service using bottom up approach.
How to handle custom exceptions using SOAP faults in web services.
How to provide security to SOAP web services ( JAX-WS ).
How to call a web service from another web service (web service chain).
How to call java SOAP web service in php ( php web service client ).
How to create WCF web service in C# .NET ( visual studio 2013 ).
How to create a java client to call PHP SOAP web service.
How to call C# .Net WCF web service in java SOAP client ( Visual Studio 2013 ).
RESTful Web Services
What is RESTful web service (Introduction to RESTful web services).
 RESTful web service example in java using JAX-RS .
Java RESTful web service example in maven using JAX-RS.
Example for (media type) text plain in RESTful web service ( Jersey ).
 Example for (media type) text html in RESTful web service ( Jersey ).
Example for (media type) Json in RESTful web service ( Jersey ).
Example java RESTful web service for xml response (JAX-RS , Jersey).
How to create a java client to call RESTful web service JAX-RS (Jersey ).
How to create PHP RESTful web service and client with example.
How to call java RESTful web service in PHP client.
How to call PHP RESTful web service in java client.

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