What is SOAP in Java Web Services (The use of SOAP)

SOAP ( Simple Object Access Protocol ) is an XML-based communication protocol. It provides an effective and standard way to transporting XML documents through internet using internet standard protocols like  HTTP,SMTP and FTP .

SOAP in Java Web Services

The web services receive requests and return responses using SOAP packets that are encapsulated within an XML document.Most of the programming languages can able to read and access an XML document.Because of that , heterogeneous clients and services become interoperable (can able to exchange and make use of information from one to another).For example, a java client can utilize .NET components with the help of SOAP and vice versa.

SOAP in Java Web Services

SOAP in Java Web Services SOAP Request Example :

From the above example , getSalary   is the operation name  and  <arg0> is the input argument for the requesting service operation.

SOAP Response for the above Request :

6000 is the result from the service to requested client .

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